Unidentified photographic treasures at the Alabama Department of Archives & History

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Frequently, I run across interesting unidentified photographic treasures. Here are a few I found at the Alabama Department of Archives and History. If you know any of the people in the pictures, you can click on the link at the bottom of the picture and inform the Archives of the identities. (continued below)

Four_unidentified_male_laborers_possibly_in_Birmingham_Alabama Q70387Unidentified labors ca. 1900 possibly from Birmingham, Alabama photographed by Bert G. Covell  Q70387 

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Man holding a line of fish 1939 lollars Q2249Man holding a line of fish, Photographer Lollar’s Birmingham, Oct. 18, 1939. Alabama Writers’ Project Q2249

Man_standing_in_a_rowboat_and_fishing July 30, 1937 Lollars Birmingham Q2248Man standing in a rowboat and fishing July 30, 1937, photographer Lollar’s Birmingham, Alabama Writers Project – Q2248

Man_drinking_well_water_from_a_bucket Q8940Man drinking well water from a bucket 1939 Albert Clayton photographer Birmingham, Alabama Q8940

Man_standing_beside_one_of_the_first_buses_built_by_the_Southern_Coach_Manufacturing_Company_in_Evergreen_Alabama Q36706Man standing beside one of the first buses built by the Southern Coach Manufacturing Company in Evergreen, Alabama 1940-1949 Albert Clayton photographer Q36706

Mine_rescue_team_in_Alabama Q7663Mine Rescue Team in Alabama, Lollar’s Birmingham, 1920-1929 Q7663

Two_unidentified_women_in_Birmingham_Alabama 1900-1909 - by Up to Date Photo - Birmingham Q70325

Two unidentified Women, Birmingham, Alabama 1900-1910  – by Up to Date Photo – Birmingham Q70325

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  1. Betty Barton Carver here is one of the groups I told you about.

  2. Did not recognize anyone, but like old pictures.

  3. This is important work. And appreciated.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I hope the pictures help someone.

    2. Alabama Pioneers I love these particular posts. I know what it would mean for me to find a loved one in some long lost photo. A great use of this crazy internet!

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