Old photographs to share from Skyline Farms in Jackson County, Alabama- Part 7

The Skyline Farms project, established by the federal government in Jackson County in 1934, was one of the more unique socioeconomic experiments in Alabama history. It provided a way for destitute families to pull themselves out of poverty after the Great Depression.

Skyline Farms fell on hard times in the 1940s when cotton crops failed. Political factions in Congress also caused its demise. However, the town of Skyline still thrives in Jackson County, Alabama and many are at work to preserve its unique heritage.

The town of Skyline will be having a Skyline Day Celebration on June 6, 2014. This years event will be held on June 6, 2015, at the Cumberland Mtn. Park. There will be free entertainment along with free catfish dinner. Everyone is asked to bring a covered dish and lawn chairs. To learn more about the event, visit Skyline’s Facebook page.

These old photographs were taken at a square dance at Skyline Farms in 1937  by Ben Shahn and Arthur Rothstein.  Share your memories of Skyline Farms.

Spectators watch square dancers performing

Musicians sing for the square dancers.  I wonder who they were?

Young musicians sing are singing at the square dance. Notice the attire.

This man seem to be enjoying the square dance

Young musician join in with his guitar at square dance.skyline farms - young musician

Spectators enjoying square dance. They had some nice stands to watch the square dance.

Square dancers had a lot of energy.

Posing for the camera

 Notice the young boy with the cigarette. It was a different world back then.

Future musician?

Watching the square dancers.

How could he sleep through all the noise?

This is the Store at Skyline Farms in 1937.Skyline Farms store

Interior of the Store at Skyline Farms in 1937.

Farmers at Skyline Farms in Feb. 1937

Farmer returning home after shopping at Skyline Farms store. This picture makes me appreciate my car.

Do you have memories to share of Skyline Farms? Share them below.

Visit the Skyline Farms preservation website to learn more about this unique Colony. Today the community store — constructed of rusty yellow sandstone — is the focal point of Skyline Farms Heritage Association restoration efforts.

More photographs of Skyline Farms

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  1. Skyline Farms Part 7 refers to the only part being left as the School. This is incorrect. The School is there but also the old Rock Store is on the Historical register and being used as a museum.

    1. Thank you for the correction!

  2. The Office across from the Rock Store still stands as well as some of the houses.

  3. More of the original Skyline Farms project still exists than almost any other Resettlement project. If you would like to visit us please contact me or you can check out our Facebook page which is called the Skyline Farms Heritage Association. The community was a success and is still very vital. In addition to being secretary of the above organization I also teach at Skyline School. We currently have approximately 500 students enrolled.

    1. Thanks Deborah,
      It is great to hear from you. I’m discovering that many of these projects were successful. It is good to know that your school is thriving. Here is the link to the facebook page for readers who are interested. https://www.facebook.com/groups/115748932679/

  4. My momma was one of the square dancers. Her name was Opal Irene Holsonback. She was part of the group that went to Washington DC to dance for the Roosevelts..about 1936-37. She had good memories of skyline farms, as well as stories of very hard times..you also had a pic posted and I’m pretty sure it’s my grandfather, WD Holsonback. The one that says” he’s posing for the camera while watching the square dancers”.
    Some of the school kids look like my aunts…
    Very nice site. Thank you,
    Lori Rafferty

  5. My grandmother, Maud Lindsey, was one of the square dancers. I attended Skyline school, both for part of elementary and part of high school. It is amazing what my grandmother and the others did to create this community,