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Strange Happenings in Genealogy Research

 Strange Happenings in Genealogy Research


Patricia Westgate Sayko

I had been searching for the parents of a man in my lineage and thought we knew the answer, but we could not locate them in the state where they were supposed to be.

I was walking along the bookshelves in a historical Library & found one book on a shelf “sticking out from all the others”. I was going to shove it back, but for a strange moment felt someone saying open the book. Lo & behold, the missing folks were listed in the cemetery in that state.genealogy book

Some months later we visited the cemetery & found the tombstones; a few mysteries were solved–the wife was somewhat older than the husband which led me to discover that her surname was from a prior marriage & that’s why we could not attach her to her parents.

At that moment, another strange happening–someone silently “I’m not who you are really looking for, it’s my brother”.

All along the Ancestry boards stated they were the correct parents of my missing person, but we checked this man’s will in the new state & his children were listed, not including my person. I still don’t have documents to make the parental connection to his brother, but someone out there was trying to help. Lots of strange happenings.

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  1. I have heard many family researchers say that at times, they thought that their ancestors were trying to help them; it has certainly happened to me.

  2. Cannot tell you how many times a prior marriage surname has solved mysteries for me also!

  3. A number of times, I’ve had books jump out at me or fall open to my ancestor’s page. It gives you an odd, but thankful feeling.

  4. If “the man in my lineage” was a “Jr.”, he might have been a nephew of the man who carried the “Sr.” appendage. That was a custom in “the day”.

    Have also had the experience of an ancestor whispering. We tried to prove to a disbelieving family, a solution to a 19th century family mystery. Our search led us to Monroeville, Alabama. As we faced a large stack of old marriage record books, we guesstimated and removed just one. As it was opened to a random page, we were amazed by the first item we saw ~ the marriage record of my husband’s great grandparents. Proof positive. Mystery solved.

  5. The book, “Psychic Roots: Serendipity and Intuition in Genealogy” by Henry Z. Jones, Jr. talks more about these “strange happenings.” It is very interesting and is available used on Amazon for about six bucks.

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