Patron+ Photographs from the past -Photographs of Auburn University students in 1956 Parade

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  1. Jolene Martin Dailey

    Sondra Stabler Maddox Candia Harrison-Morris Melinda Farzaneh 🙂

  2. Sondra Stabler Maddox

    Omg this is so interesting. Thanks for sending this to me. War Eagle!!!!

    1. Jolene Martin Dailey

      See what a nice Bama fan I am? 😀

    2. Sondra Stabler Maddox

      I know that’s why I love u.

  3. AuntWendy Craft

    Ivy Teressa Pearson, you might like to see these old photos.

  4. Lyn Jones Littleton

    Jim Phillips, I think your Mom is on one of these pictures.

    1. Jim Phillips

      That is Mom! Thanks for letting me know!

  5. Olivia Lake

    Amber Beck Jordan Corley Kachel Jared Kachel Ethan Corley

  6. Cheryl Denise King

    Looks like the Wreck Tech Parade before Georgia Tech football game.

  7. Melissa Rice

    In 1956, it was API, not Auburn University. And, it is Wreck Tech Parade, not a pajama parade.

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