1. Well, sort of. Denny Field was behind the President’s mansion. (Bryant-) Denny Stadium was built elsewhere.

  2. This just smacks of jealousy because of Auburn’s stadium renovations. 😉

  3. The beginning of a great place- I’m sure, then, it was the greatest also.ROLL TIDE!

  4. You should have seen Auburn’s stadium in the late 50’s.

  5. It’s came a long way in 100 years.

  6. […] University of Alabama Grads of 1914 & beginning of future of Bryant-Denny Stadium  What is the true source for the University of Alabama elephant mascot known as Big Al? The day the Birmingham police helped the University of Alabama football mascot retrieve his paws […]

  7. I remember when one side didn’t have an upper deck.

  8. Carrie Beth Bonfield. I know u love history so much

    1. The only thing interesting about that is Alabama football

  9. I see me in the latest version.

    1. Student in the mid-70’s. No upper decks.

    2. Joseph M Bolton Jr And half the games or slightly more were played at Legion Field.

  10. Tuscaloosa HS football games were played there on Friday nights if there was no Bama game on Saturday. I once sold soft drinks at a HS game there in the late 50s. And the photo shows what it looked like in the 60s.

  11. I hated Legion Field. Horrible game day experience. Bama fans should thank Pat Dye for breaking the Birmingham grip.

    1. That’s odd I liked Legion Field, I was an Usher there for a few years.

  12. And they couldn’t fill the Stadium. And Auburn was the same way.

  13. love this old picture

  14. Back when one could afford tickets.

    1. MIke Armstrong could thru the 60s early 70s

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