Alabama Bible Records: Charles Pickney Jones family

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Charles Pickney Jones

Charles Pickney Jones Family Bible (all spellings as they appear in the Bible) (New Testament “stereotyped by A. Chandler for the American Bible Society 183[9?]”)

On cover page:

  • [M. D. Pinson married] Mary Ann Jones Spt 28 1855
  • William L. Pearce was borned Septemr the 29 1858
  • Hariet was bourned April 1861 and died 11 of April 1862
  • “Births”
  • C. P. Jones was bornd december 18 1803
  • Terise Jones was bornd June the 14 1809
  • [Sar]ah Argent [ ] bornd Octobr [20?] 1830
  • William N. [Jon]es was bornd [?] of march 1832
  • [ ]thaelen Jones [was] bornd 183[4?] [died?] [Fe]buary 28 18[94?]
  • Mary An Jones was bornd September 23 1835
  • Jese G Jones was bornd July 24 1837
  • Daniel C Jones was bornd My 30 1839
  • Nathaneil J Jones was bornd June the [?] 18[??]
  • James S Jones was bornd [23?] febuary 1843


  • Dellny Jones was bornd the 9 of October 1844
  • George W Jones was bornd 6 of febuary 1846
  • Amy M[etillday?] Jones was bornd Janary 31 1848
  • Elizabeth Pe[?] Jones was bornd Janary 2 1850
  • Pinkney Monroe Jones Born March 22, 1852 Died feb. 12 -1939 age 87[in later hand]
  • Pinckey Monroe Jones was bornd March the 21 1852
  • Joseph Marin [Marion?] Pi[??] was bornd May the 23 184[?]
  • Mary frances [Pearce?] was born[d] februar[y] 1855
  • Terice Pearce was [bornd?] [??] of 1856 died [??] 185[9?]


  • William N Jones was maried the 2 of may 1850
  • Sariah Argent was maried August 15 1852
  • Leatha Elen was maried June the 22 1853
  • Mary An was maried Sepember the 25 1855
  • Elizabeth P Jones was maried January the 27 1868
  • J S Jones was maried Sept the 2 1865
  • [P?] [M?] Jones was maried Oct 22 1874


  • Lewis C Jones [w?]as adged about [?] years of age [and die?]d november 27 1844
  • [?]eliany Jones adged about 58 or 59 years [di]ed the 26 of december [18]45
  • Jacob Dennis Died december 13 – 1856
  • thomas Pearce aged about [9? or 3?]8 died 1864 may 16
  • Elizabeth dennis was bornd august 29 died 14 of August 1868
  • Terice Jones departed this life the 18 of march 1874
  • [W?] Jones Departed this life July [??]

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