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Andalusia has streets named after Andrew Jackson’s notches on trees

(Have you ever wondered where the unusual name of some of Andalusia’s street names such as Three Notch Street comes from?  The name goes back to Andrew Jackson’s visit after the War of 1812.)

Andalusia is the county seat of Covington County, in the central part of the county and about 3 miles from the Conecuh River.

Covington County Courthouse ca. 1930

Andalusia courthouse

“The area which now composes Covington County, Alabama, was originally inhabited by the Creek Indians. There are Indian mounds, arrowheads, and other relics to be found here. The county is located in South Alabama.


“After the War of 1812, Andrew Jackson, legend has it, came from South Carolina and traveled through this area in route to New Orleans. He cut three notches on trees as he passed through this wilderness to enable him to find his way back. Andalusia has an East Three Notch Street and a South Three Notch Street. Troy has a North Three Notch Street and a South Three Notch Street. These streets are supposed to lie on the famous “Three Notch Trail.” It was incorporated by the legislature in 1901.three notch sign

Three Notch Museum, Andalusia, Alabama

The Three Notch Museum exhibits an historic post office and log cabin and objects and other items related to Andalusia and Covington County.

Three notch museum

In 1916, there were three Banks: the Bank of Andalusia, the First National Bank, and the Andalusia Bank & Trust Co. Industries were: packing plant, established in 1916, valued at $150,000; cottonseed oil mill; two turpentine distilleries; a lumber plant, 12 miles south of the town, incorporated, with $1.000,000 capital.

In 1847, the name of this community was New Site, and its selection as the county seat was due to the destruction of Montezuma, the old county seat, by an overflow of Conecuh River. The land on which Andalusia is located was entered by John W. Robinson, who gave 40 acres to secure for the town the permanent establishment of the county seat. In 1878 the courthouse and all the county records were destroyed by fire.

A new building was completed in 1916, at a cost of $10,000. Among the early settlers of this section were Jeremiah Jones, W. T. Acree, Lorenzo Adams, Alford Holley, Ephraim Liles and George Snowden. In the establishment of the town, a lot for a union church was set aside. It is now the property of the Baptists. On the Conecuh River, near Andalusia, there are several large Indian mounds.


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  1. Now you’re in my stomping grounds! Very familiar with South and Southeast Alabama. Great old courthouse in Andalusia, my birthplace.

  2. I know this area pretty well my dad’s stomping grounds. I was there too for a short time.

  3. Suzette Hooper Øbêy Anna

  4. We have a Three Notch Road in Mobile.

  5. We lived near a Three Notch Road in Georgia. I never thought about the origin of its name


    1. Yup yup, been there many times. Where Sarah Hayse Kirkpatrick is from.

  7. If my understanding of Alabama History is correct, Andrew JACKSON had nothing to do with the Three Notch Road. It was laid out with the ‘three notches’ in 1824, following orders from the War Department in Washington. Some of the marked trees were still alive in Pike County during my childhood.

  8. i can remember hunting in that area before it became a state dad would drag my sleepy self to the car.we would go to someones house and have first “brains and eggs” and the man of the house would drive us out to the woods and drop us off.boy,those were the days.

  9. Meighan Reynolds interesting

  10. There’s a Three Notch Street in Troy, AL too. Mary Evalyn Ferrell

  11. There are 3 Notch streets in a lot of towns that US 29 runs through

  12. There was still one of the trees south of Andalusia that still bore the 3 notches as late as 1999 , don’t know if it still is

  13. One of the 3 old military roads from 200 years ago, the Three – Chopped Way

  14. There is a community in Bullock County names Three Notch named for the same reason.

  15. Jeffery Moulder Jimmy Moulder

  16. There is a 3-Notch street in Troy, AL as well.

  17. Also a Three Notch Road in Ringgold Ga

  18. Same in Tillman’s Corner south of Mobile

    1. How do you know about Three Notch Road in Tillman’s Corner?

    2. By the way, Tillman’s Corner is a part of the city now.

    3. Howard Rankin I used it to get to Neighbors to eat supper.

  19. Barbara Kilpatrick Pilotte

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