1. Pace Freely

    Patsy Deavours Compton

  2. Shirley Guthrie

    Danny Farris would you post a song on Facebook ! I was telling my husband of 38 years who I love very much ! How you used to sing at school ! I had the the biggest crush ! He didn’t even no I exist !

  3. Thanks for the article on Berry, but you had numerous mistakes in the story.

    1. Thanks Jana. The information came from the sources indicated and probably needs to be updated. If you would like to correct the errors, I can post them at the bottom of the story with your name as the source. Email your corrections to [email protected] and I’ll post them as soon as possible.

  4. Im almost positive the quote on Cannon’s store was “From a Cradle to a Coffin”.

    1. You are correct…

  5. Also, the new Town Hall was built before the Cannon building was removed. So it can’t be in the same place.

  6. Susan Fowler

    I’ve been to Berry numerous times.

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