1. Ira Harris. Beasley in biography

    1. Thanks, Sam. I have some Ham’s in my family too. Will check it out.

  2. He married on Oct. 24, 1861, Nancy Mohler Henderson, in Talladega County, Alabama. Her children are:

    John S. Ham,
    Mary E. Ham,
    Kate Knox Ham,
    Willie C. Ham,
    Florence E. Ham,
    Annie Laurie Ham,
    Nannie Rebecca Ham,
    George Samuel Ham twin
    Joe Dixon Ham, twin, the latter deceased in 1904;
    Thomas B Ham.
    She died Dec. 22, 1888.

    Mr. Ham subsequently married Mary McMillan, on April 4, 1888 in Talldega County, Alabama. She died without issue Dec. 9, 1896.

    If Nancy died on December 22 1888, How did he marry Mary McMillian on April 4, 1888. This would mean that he married her approximately eight months before he became a widower.