1. A reader commented that the photograph above cannot be correct since photography was not made possible until 1826 in France. I thought it might be a photograph of a painting but I’m not sure. This may be one of his descendants instead of Red Eagle. If you have additional information on the photograph, please share it with us here. Until we have proof….please do not consider the photograph authentic. I’m only including it to seek more information about it.

    1. What photograph? I dont see one

      1. It’s in the introductory part. NOT Red Eagle!

  2. Thank you for this information. I just discovered that William Weatherford is my 3rd cousin(6 x removed). My direct ancestor is William Weatherford/Whitheford, the brother of Richard Weatherford(Red Eagles’ paternal Great Grandfather). My branch of Weatherford ended up staying in VA it seems until I came along. 😎

  3. […] assimilation among those living in the area. “Among the mixed blood families were these names: Weatherford, Hightower. Tait, Durant, McGilbray (McGillivray). Many were families of high descent among the […]

  4. It seems as if I am a living descendant of this family through William Eagle-AR from AL.

  5. […] On the confluence of the Coosa and Tallapoosa, he installed a cotton gin manufactured by Lyons & Barnett, a firm owned by two Jewish families in Georgia. The gin was built along a trading path that would become part of the route of the Federal Road, near a racetrack owned by Creek leader Charles Weatherford (father of future Red Stick Creek leader William Weatherford). […]

  6. Willi weatherford is my great grand father. Iam 5 generation .. My grand mother name was Faina weatherford and she is from ky. I want to read your. Book. Thanks. Marquetta

    1. Thank you Marquetta. I hope you enjoy the book.

  7. […] daughter, Sehoy, married Lochland McGillivray, a wealthy and intelligent Scotch trader, from which marriage was born […]

  8. […] Ground; now embracing the southern suburbs of the city of Montgomery, lived several white traders. Charles Weatherford established a trading house upon the first eastern bluff below the confluence of the Coosa and […]

  9. I am a decendent of chief RedEagle, my 3rd Great GrandFather. I tried to find him in the Dawls, and he is there, but they tell me he has to be in the 1906 Dawls, My mom and grand dad are in the Census, I don’t understand how this works, could someone help me, please

  10. […] William  Weatherford was present and addressed the council. He proposed that the Indians wait until Gen. Floyd’s army had crossed Calebee Creek.  Weatherford’s advice was rejected, and he left the council, and started back to Polecat Spring. About an hour and a half before daybreak on the morning of January 27, the Indians stealthily approached the camp, with Red Stick leader Paddy Welsh directing the attack. […]

  11. William is my 6x great grandfather through Mary Ann Weatherford and her decendants. His great great granddaughter, Emeline Gordon, was the beloved matriarch of our family here in Kentucky.

  12. […] she found a friend in Charles Weatherford, who lived across the river. He ransomed Miss Baker, and placed her in charge of his wife, Sehoy, […]

  13. […] was erected by Lyons and Bennett of Georgia, for Abram Mordecai, a Jew and an Indian trader, at Weatherford’s race track on the Alabama river. The materials for the work, tools and machinery, were brought […]

  14. The photo cannot be of a painting of Weatherford. The “Windsor” style glasses he is wearing appeared around 1840 (well after Weatherford died), and did not become widely used until around 1880. The frames appear to be celluloid-coated, which would tend to place them later. I would date the picture ca. 1880-1910.

  15. I am also a descendant of cheif red eagle. My father does not know anything about the internet so he never did any research, but he told me that his dad told him stories about a great Indian cheif in our family. I used an online family tree and it led directly back to Red eagle. The picture above looks alot like my grandfather. Very cool to learn all this. It seems to somewhat explain my obsession with nature. I would love to learn more about red eagle.

  16. Officially, was Chief William “Red Eagle” Weatherford married to any others, beside the three women mentioned in this biography (Mary Moniac, Sopathe and Mary Stiggins)? Some of the Ancestry trees show a Margaret Ann Polk as a wife too, but I have never found a marriage record. I have a Seaton ancestor, a great uncle, who married a Maria Berry, and her mother was Sarah Weatherford. Other family trees show Sarah’s father as Red Eagle, but again, I find no proof, or who Sarah’s mother might be. None of the three listed wives of Red Eagle can be Sarah’s mother, according to the dates. I’m concluding that it must have been a different William Weatherford that was Sarah’s father ?? If anyone has any feedback regarding this, it would be greatly appreciated.

  17. George Stiggins is buried in Shorter, Alabama at the Cubahatchie Baptist Church Cemetery which is just west of the Battle of Calebe Creek. There is a Historic Marker there that says he donated the land for church and cemetery. This is on an old spur of US HWY 80 which is part of the Old Federal Road. The marker also mentions William Weatherford. Google George Stiggins Creek Indian.

  18. I am a Weatherford and a Clayborn.the spelling of Claiborne is different and changed down the years but , the same .
    My mother is a Weatherford and I’ve traced her to Red Eagle Weatherford. My Father is a Clayborn . I’ve traced him to General F L Claiborn . I would have to look it up again but, I think it would be 3rd generation Grandfather.
    Strange to be related to both and confusing.

  19. […] Source: Biography: William Weatherford born 1781 with photograph | Alabama Pioneers […]

  20. I believe im a decendent of william weatherford my mother is a weatherford Jo ann weatherford she believe he a great great great grandfather she was born in 51 to Roy weatherford can anyone help with this imfo

  21. […] shall never forget a visit that Major Cowles and myself paid to Billy Weatherford, the Quadroon, him about whom so much has been said and so little known. We remained some days, and […]

  22. […] Indian account as afterwards given to old settlers, by Sowanoke Jack, Jim Boy and Weatherford was in substance about as […]

  23. William Weatherford and Nancy Fisher Weatherford – husband and wife

    Can be found in the American State Papers.

    They are progenitors of a large portion of the MOWA Band of Choctaw Indians of SouthWest Alabama.

    Dave Weaver married Cecile Weatherford Weaver – the daughter of Lt. Colonel William Weatherford and Nancy Fisher.

    Sam Dale is in the will along with with William Fisher and other “Heirs of Josiah Fisher”.

    Silas D. Fisher owner a parcel of land in Mount Vernon Alabama. Silas D. Fisher was a Chief of the Choctaw Nation of Indians.

    Pierre Juzan (John Pierce aka the Weaver School) was also a Chief of the Choctaw Nation of Indians

    Apuckshunubbee aka Chinnubby aka Hardy Reed was a Chief of the Choctaw Nation of Indians. He was called a Natchez.

    Mobile was previously named Natchez until 1814.

    The list goes on and on…

    The Choctaw Nation of Indians are Rising…

    Darby Weaver
    The Tribal Leader

  24. Lamochattee is my 5xGreat Grandfather, but somehow my branch of the Weatherford lineage brought my family into the Easten Cherokee Nations as Cherokee citizens. I’m not really sure when we went from Creek to Cherokee, my cousins and aunt have the genealogical info but I never thought to ask. Also, there’s no way that papaw Lamochattee could be on the Dawes Rolls because he died 69 YEARS BEFORE the first roll was even taken. If I’m wrong about the Dawes Roll statement I will gladly stand corrected upon proof that he was enrolled; maybe William Weatherford JR. is on the Dawes Rolls but I don’t see how Lamochattee could have possibly been enrolled at the very least of 69 years after his passing into the Spirit World. My (x?) Great Grandparents we’re part of the forced removal, The Trail(s) of Tears and my Great Grandparents came off of the Reservation in the Texas/Oklahoma territory. I really need to find out where the crossover from Creek to Cherokee occurred in my family tree. Gonna have to call my Aunt to find out. Thanks.

  25. […] shall never forget a visit that Major Cowles and myself paid to Billy Weatherford, the Quadroon, him about whom so much has been said and so little known. We remained some days, and […]

  26. I’m 6 cousin back to william Weatherford or something like that.

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