1. […] U.S.A. to prohibit Indians residing within her limits to make encroachment upon their territory. Col. Hawkins, the Indian Agent of the U.S.A. was instructed to arrest […]

  2. […] their livelihood, with the ulterior motive of acquiring their vast hunting lands. Toward that end, Benjamin Hawkins, administrator of the plan, enlisted Mordecai’s aid in 1802 to establish a cotton gin near the […]

  3. […] the only white man Tecumseh would talk with at Tukabachi. Doyle was sub-agent under Indian agent Benjamin Hawkins. Nimrod Doyle married daughter of Coweta Indian Joseph Islands and fathered two sons and two […]

  4. […] The county lay within the domain of the Upper Creek Indians. On De Crenay’s map of 1734, the town of Pacanatache, correctly spelled Pakana Talahassi, is placed on the west side of Coosa River and apparently on the south side of Walnut Creek, nearly opposite the mouth of Pakana Talahassi Creek in Coosa County. In latter times, the town moved across the river and settled on that creek, spelled Puc-cun-tal-lau-has-see, by Col. Benjamin Hawkins. […]

  5. […] Benjamin Hawkins served in the Continental Army on George Washington’s staff as his main interpreter of French. He was appointed General Superintendent for Indian Affairs by President George Washington in 1796. […]

  6. […] on the Creek Indians, and the smaller tribes who lived in their confederacy, was the old agent, Benjamin Hawkins, whom you acknowledge to have been the wisest and most reliable man you ever knew. I was furnished […]

  7. Bonnie Rodgers

    We have a Fort Hawkins in Macon, in fact they say Macon should have been named Ft Hawkins instead of Macon for they were here on 1800s

  8. Kearney Hall

    Hawkinsville Ga named for him too..

  9. […] to me by the widow of Col. Hawkins. It is in the hand-writing of Christian Limbo, who lived with Col. Hawkins many years. It was copied from Col. Hawkins’ own manuscript, which was burned shortly after his […]

  10. Colonial Benjamin Hawkins Sr never had a son name Madison or James Hawkins Colonel Benjamin Hawkins Sr son Benjamin Hawkins Jr buried his mother Susan L. Hawkins at the head of the Hawkins Family Cemetery in Lax, Ga my 4th Great Grandmother Mr. ANTHONEY [email protected]

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