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BIOGRAPHY: James G. Gilchrist (1814-1900)

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(1814 – 1900)

Lowndes and Montgomery County, Alabama

James G. Gilchrist, for thirty years a resident of this Montgomery County. He was born in Richmond County, N. C, in 1814. After taking a collegiate course and reading law, he came to Alabama and opened a law office and became well-known throughout the state.

In 1847 and 1859 he was a member of the legislature; a Fillmore elector in 1856; and a member of the “secession” convention.

In 1862, Gilchrist went into the service of his country as colonel of the 45th Alabama, and displayed signal bravery at Murfreesboro; but soon after resigned in bad health. In 1872, he resided in Montgomery and was a planter. “Col. Gilchrist possessed many quaint peculiarities. In physique and character, he resembled his courageous and turbulent but wary Scotch ancestry.”1

He was prominent in educational affairs and served for twenty years on the Agricultural and Mechanical college board of trustees. He also served as a member of the board of revisors for Montgomery County from the date of its establishment until his death in 1900.

His brother, Hon. Archibald Gilchrist came to Lowndes County some years earlier and was a lawyer of scholarly attainments. He served in the State Senate in 1845, and died in 1853, aged 49 years. His son, Capt. John M. Gilchrist of the 5th Alabama was mortally wounded at the second Cold Harbor.

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