1. Austill’s first wife, Martha Hayes, died from a fall while sitting on a fence, being surprised by Indians. Her father James had married Martha Grigg in Charlotte County, VA. Martha was the sister of Catherine Grigg, who had married Joseph Oliver. They had five sons that were orphaned in 1800. James Hayes, with his mother-in-law Mary (White, Grigg) Rakestraw moved to Athens, GA ca 1802, where Mary raised the Oliver boys. Between 1819-22 or so), all moved to Conecuh County. There, my greatgrandfather, Samuel White Oliver, represented Conecuh 11 terms in the Alabama House, six terms as speaker.

  2. Katherine Winslow Austill, your people?

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  3. Bill Austill, Steva Sidway Austill, Will Austill, Hunt Austill, Avery Dunlap, Sands Barker, Isabelle Barker, Gavin Barker, Evan Austill, Nicholas Austill, Olivia Austill, Mary Austill Flournoy, Austill Harris, Jere Austill

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