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Days Gone By - stories from the past

Tecumseh reported to have caused an earthquake

(Excerpt from ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS Confrontation: Lost & Forgotten Stories (Volume 4) Tecumseh Causes Earthquake The Native American Chief Tecumseh arrived in Alabama in 1811…

Days Gone By - stories from the past

There were 14 Indian government trading houses established in 1796 – here is where they were

This story is an excerpt from the book ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS Settlement: Lost & Forgotten Stories (Volume 2)  continued below..... (Indian trading houses were…

Days Gone By - stories from the past

A description of the Surrender of Creek Chief William Weatherford written in 1898

SURRENDER OF WEATHERFORD By William Gates Orr,1 of Okolona, Miss. (Transcription from Transactions of the Alabama Historical Society, Volume 2, 1898) Okolona, Miss., Feby. 22, 1893. Mr. H. S. Halbert,…