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Perry County, Alabama – Some marriages from the 1800s

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WILLIAM WALTER BATES married NANNIE ADELE EZELLE in Perry Co., Alabama on June 15, 1898.

From Perry County, Ala., Marriage record for 1820-39

License no. 57: BURRELL TAYLOR to BETSY BATES on 5th May, 1822, by CHARLES CROW, M. G.

License no. 552: ALBERT BATES to SARAH JANE MELTON 24 Nov. 1831, by JAMES W. COSBY, J.P.

License no. 819: A. E. LOCKRIDGE to SARAH BATES ON 28 Dec. 1834, by GEORGE EVERETT, M. G.

From Perry County, Alabama Marriage Record for 1832-39

License No. 833: JOHN W. BOYLES to MARY TUBB. License dated 15 April, 1835. No minister’s return showing date of ceremony

License No. 1052:JAMES DERDEN to marry ELIZABETH TUBB on 6th Aug. 1838. No minister’s return showing date of rites.

License No. 1057: Issued 8th Aug., 1837 WILEY TUBB to PHEBE TUBB. Executed 10 August, 1837, by JOHN T. SINCLAIR

From Perry County,Marriage record for 1830-32:

p. 262. DAVID A. GRIFFIN to MARY MAHAN, on 15 Feb., 1827 by WILLIAM HARRIS, M. G.

No. 471 JOHN W. DERDEN married PENELOPE PEARSON 17, September 1830 – No minister’s return is recorded. – The license is dated 17 September 1830:

p. 574 ALFRED MAHAN to ABIGAIL GOGGINS on 29 Dec., 1831 by JAMES W. COSBY, J.P.

p. 611. A. M. MAHAN to MARY BENNETT on 21 June 1832 by MOSES BLEDSOE, J. P.

p. 687a DAVID MAHAN to ELIZABETH GOGGINS on 6th Oct., 1833, by BENJAMIN FORD, J.P.



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