1. Your article on Queensdale, the large antebellum plantation in Lowndes County, Alabama may have removed a roadblock in my research of my mother’s childhood. My grandfather worked in a sawmill just east of Montgomery when the recession hit, and when he lost his job there, they moved to a place between Prattville and Selma for a short time where he was a tenant farmer. Some time prior to 1935 they moved to the McQueen Smith Plantation east of Prattville between Montgomery and Prattville. I have never been able to determine where the place she lived between Prattville and Selma was located, and I believe this could well be the place, as my grandfather moved to the McQueen Smith Plantation as a carpenter and blacksmith and also as a tenant farmer.
    Would it be possible to get copies of the photos you show in the movie clip in the referenced article?

    1. Hi Jack, The pictures are available through the Library of Congress. Be sure and check the footnote link provided at the end of the story. It has additional info on McQueen Plantation.

  2. I believe that would be Lake Berry Rd. in Lowndes county. It is a very long gravel road between U.S. Hwy. 80 and the Old Selma Rd. It is on the south side of the Alabama River. I wish I knew how to post links on Google Maps. There is a Young and Nall cemetery on this road. I think you can find it on Find A Grave website.

  3. I thought this story was open to the public.

    1. Yes, it is open. Click on the link above.

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    3. Warren Jordan It did state so…

  4. My great grandmother was born in Loundes County Alabama.

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