1. Phil Dees

    I recently gave you $25…..Now you want $2 more ….Quite frankly I do not understand WHY I can’t view all your articles….

    1. Hi Phil,
      You gave $25 through the Alabama Pioneers Paypal Donation. Paypal Donations are strictly donations to the Alabama Pioneers website. It is for people who just want to give a one-time donation to the Alabama Pioneers website.

      The Patreon Program is a separate program entirely run by Patreon.com This link should explain it in more detail. http://www.alabamapioneers.com/did-you-know-we-now-have-an-interactive-level-on-alabama-pioneers/

      There is no way the two programs can be mixed.

      If you want, I can refund your $25 via Paypal and you can join the Patreon program instead.

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