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PATRON + The 15th cause of death in Alabama on June 22, 1937 was malaria

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  1. In 1899, Linda’s great grandfather, Thomas Newton Burdette, died from malaria. He lived and died near Newnan, GA, but it was thought that he was exposed to the infected mosquitoes while working in Alabama. He was sick for only two weeks before passing.

  2. My Dad had Malaria in 1936,and survived.He said he had never been so sick in his life.He lived in Danville,AL.

  3. Meredith Harrell did you know this ??? very interesting…

  4. My father had it as a child. He was born in 1925 and was raised in central Alabama. He was not allowed to donate blood but he had a rare blood type. Often he would get called to the hospitals in Montgomery to give blood in extreme emergencies.

  5. My g-grandfather died of “malaria fever” in 1919 in Marshall Co.

  6. My great uncle Curtis died of malaria in August 1936, My grandmother said he was dating a young lady who “lived down on the river” and was bitten by a mosquito. He was a native of Monroe County.

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