PATRON + THROWBACK THURSDAY: Triplets born to dairy farmer in Dallas County, Alabama

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  1. This caught my eye since David was my Dad’s Uncle. The triplets of course were my dad’s first cousins. We have seen them over the years at reunions and their birthday celebrations. They are all still living.
    I enjoy your stories about Perry County where the Dobbins family settled and farmed, but in your books, the family isn’t mentioned. Maybe I should check in Dallas County. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Come on down the road to Marengo County, AL around 1955, there was another set of triplets
    born to the Bridges Family. There was male and females, but can not remember how many of each.
    Maybe it was in the water !!!

  3. I have seen triplets 1 time. A friend in Chatooga Co Georgia had a cow who had triplets. They were adorable.

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