1. The inscription method on some of the old, old grave markers in our smaller churches’ cemeteries have the appearance of being “set” – – by that I mean the following.
    I imagine a frame form laid on a horizontal surface into which is poured a compounded mixture such as concrete that dries to a hardened solid. While it is still a degree of soft, a “type-set” form is pressed onto its surface and removed to leave the information in lettering that appears mostly to be block lettering.

    At our Tunica history club meetings nobody seems to have any ideas on this.

    My internet searching has not come upon such a method.

    Have you run across a good resource on the various ways of making tombstone inscriptions over the years?

    Thank you for your time and for all of your fine work here.


  2. I love getting this newsletter my favorite…. Tombstone Tuesday I really like… I just wish you have more funny Tombstones to read… Makes my days..

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