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Biography: Zachariah Abney born September 10, 1835

Happy Birthday! ZACHARIAH ABNEY BIOGRAPHY and GENEALOGY (1835-1911) Bibb, Chilton and Autauga County, Alabama Zachariah Abney was born September 10, 1835, near Randolph, and…

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Bibb County, Alabama had many early pioneers who served with General Jackson

During the "Alabama Fever" period of United States history, early settlers migrated to Alabama from North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky, and…

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TBT: There was a big celebration when the Bibb County, Alabama iron bridge was opened in 1885 [see pics & story]

COMPLETION AND RECEPTION OF THE IRON BRIDGE ACROSS THE CAHABA RIVER IN BIBB COUNTY    (News article transcribed from the Bibb Blade, 15, October 1885-…