1. Loved the article! Watching the second video took me back to walking in the woods behind my house as a child, and sometimes following my father and his plow in the field next to the woods, discovering arrowheads from a lost people. We later moved, and some relatives now have my treasures…which I would love to have been able to give to a museum.

  2. I have a copy of his book given to my mother and signed by Chief C.W. McGhee of the Creek tribe (as he signed it)
    The title is, “The American Old West, Woodwards Reminiscences”
    I have had the book over 60 years.
    He put his address as Rt 3, Atmore, Ala

  3. Great video of Fort Decatur. Played there as a child as it used to be on our family property. I also have an original copy of “Woodwards Reminisces”. Thank you for providing this.

    1. Thomas Woodward Walker, I have family buried in the Walker Cemetery on that same property. My grandfather, Robert Winston Jordan, is buried there as he was the son of Samuel Jordan and Sarah Dabney Walker of Virginia, who moved to Macon, Alabama about 1850. Also a sister of Robert, Sarah Frances Jordan Webb is buried there with her husband, William Webb. My family has been looking for the graves of Samuel and Sarah for over fifty years. Are you Macks son?

  4. Good commentary all r worth stopping for ..

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