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Days Gone By - stories from the past

Shelby County, and other central Alabama counties were once beachfront property. Do you think it will happen again?

From geologic research, we know that the state was once covered by ancient oceans, swamps, and other near-shore environments and the sediment left behind…


Morrisette or Morrisett Family of Perry, Hale, Marengo, Montgomery Counties, Alabama & Washington and Enterprise, Arkansas

Patron Only article. This article and more abstracts are available in the ebook ALABAMA GENEALOGY NOTES Volume II or Click …/ to see how to Become a…

Days Gone By - stories from the past

Arlington – the only antebellum house left in Birmingham has ties to the city’s founders. [photographs & film]

Arlington in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama is a wonderful example of Greek Revival architecture which dates back to the 1840s. It is located on…