Days Gone By - stories from the past

A love story and possible disinheritance hidden within the walls of Belvoir in Alabama

[The article below was written in 1930 by Mildred Reynolds Saffold. She describes the beautiful mansion of Belvoir, the home of  Chief Justice Reuben Saffold.…

Days Gone By - stories from the past

Summerfield – Beautiful, rare [film, photographs & story] of a forgotten college and community in Alabama

Summerfield had many grand houses and a beautiful college in pre-Civil War, Alabama.  Denominational college for boys and girls in pre-Civil War, Alabama The…

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A true ghost story from Marion Junction in Dallas County, Alabama that made it all the way to Philadelphia in 1892

Have you ever heard of the ghost who pulled his coffin in Marion Junction, Alabama? This story involved many respectable, local citizens of the…