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BIOGRAPHY: Rev. Perry Caddell born September 9, 1859

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(1859-aft. 1896)

Bibb and Shelby County, Alabama

Rev. Perry Caddell, a pastor in Shelby, Ala., son of Edmond and Edie Caddell, was born September 9, 1859, in Centreville, Bibb County, Ala. He was baptized into the Bethel Baptist Church, Calera, by Rev. John

He was baptized into the Bethel Baptist Church, Calera, by Rev. John Trainholm, in February 1873, and was set apart to the work of the gospel ministry, December 1877, by Revs. Henry Wood and Mack Jackson.

He learned his letters at the age of 12 years, and, though he has never had any help from teachers except such as he could get at night school, he has been a steadily growing man till the present time. He feels that he owes his beginning in letters to his mistress (Mrs. Caddell), who, after the close of the war, taught him to read, and to write his name.

Of his father, he says: “He was, no doubt, a believer; but in slavery time he refused to unite with the church for the reason that he felt that master and slave all the week could not be brothers on Sunday. And after the close of the war, he would not join for the reason that there was no colored Baptist church near his home.”

Bro. Caddell is an exemplary man in his family. I have found no family where the mother and children study the Word of God with more system and regularity. He has a ready command of language, both in speech and with pen, and is sociable and genial everywhere.


Excerpt from The Cyclopedia of the Colored Baptists of Alabama – Their Leaders and Their Work copyright 1896

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