Patron Past Stories

PATRON – News about local people and new businesses in Marion, Perry Co., Ala. in 1865

(Transcribed from The Marion Commonwealth, Marion, Perry Co., Ala., December 28, 1865) New Advertisement J. B. Fiquet advertises a fine Hickory Buggy for sale.…


Do you know which school [click to see films & pics] in Alabama still exists after four moves, two fires, the Civil War, and a name change?

Founded in 1833, on a farm near Greensboro, Hale County, Alabama. The College was first opened in 1833 as a manual labor institution as a…

Patron Past Stories

PATRON – Morrisette or Morrisett Family of Perry, Hale, Marengo, Montgomery Counties, Alabama & Washington and Enterprise, Arkansas

This article and more abstracts are available in the Book ALABAMA GENEALOGY NOTES: Volume II- Scroll to bottom to see Table of Contents of…