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PATRON+ Tecumseh reported to have caused an earthquake

(Excerpt from ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS Confrontation: Lost & Forgotten Stories (Volume 4) Tecumseh Causes Earthquake The Native American Chief Tecumseh arrived in Alabama in 1811…


PATRON + Alabama Convention proceedings and members of the Democratic and Anti-Know-Nothing Party in 1856

(Transcribed from The Clarke County Democrat, Grove Hill, Alabama, January 31, 1856) PROCEEDINGS OF THE DEMOCRATIC and ANTI-KNOW NOTHING CONVENTION, Held in Montgomery, Jan.…


PATRON + This personal diary of Alabama pioneers from 1816 reveals what life was like in surveying the wilderness of Alabama for a place to settle

(Imagine what it was like traversing Alabama alone when it was a wilderness. You can hear the tension in Richard Breckenridge's words as he…