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PATRON+ MONDAY MUSINGS: This newspaper article could have been written today instead of the 1880s

Evidence Of Folly To attempt to borrow money on the plea of extreme poverty. To believe that your own relatives are the best friends…

Days Gone By - stories from the past

SUNDAY SOLILOQUY: The two happiest days of such is the day you buy a boat and the day you sell it -story of survival

(This great story by a contributing author was quite an experience and one to reflect on for a long time. It's amazing he survived.)…

Days Gone By - stories from the past

In this corner…Jiujitsu Joey from Gatlinburg Tennessee – Watch out for Kangaroo’s at the zoo!

In this corner...Jiujitsu Joey from Gatlinburg Tennessee by Shannon Hollon A few years ago we traveled to Gatlinburg Tennessee for a little family getaway…