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Have you ever wondered what life was like in colonial America for our ancestors?

The oldest surviving court records in America were used to write this historical fiction series about a family whose descendants migrated to Alabama before…

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Picture of a Cottingham house built ca. 1707 in Maryland is an ancestor of Bibb County, Alabama Cottinghams

During my research for my latest historical fiction novel in this series, I was excited to discover a photograph (below) of a Cottingham house…

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{film} Did you know that people were persecuted because of their religious beliefs and some were even killed in the founding days of America?

Read about this sad period of American history in the three-book historical series, Tapestry of Love.  Inspired by true events, these three novels take you back…

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Do family and friends ask you for help in their genealogy research? This book may help

Do you have someone in your family who is interested in genealogy? Give them Where Do I Start?: Hints and Tips for Beginning Genealogists with…


Patron+ Clippings 1945 – Names Patterson, Thomason, Marvin, Johns, Arnold & Lacey

Patron Stories will be unlocked immediately when you Become a Patron From The Montgomery Advertiser September 9, 1945 From The Montgomery Advertiser September 9, 1945 From The Montgomery Advertiser September 9, 1945 From The Montgomery Advertiser September 9, 1945 EIGHT GENERATIONS OF ARNOLDS

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Vinegar of the Four Thieves – Recipes & curious tips from the past is now in paperback

Our ancestors had to be resilient when they faced obstacles in daily life, from dealing with pests, medical emergencies, caring for clothing and cleaning…